Culture, values & guiding principles

Introducing our C.I.R.C.L.E. Philosophy


Share and involvement in Vision, strategy and business goals, transparency and insight, broadcast board level actions, evolution of intranet, Orbit plans, offsite events and team building, innovation forum, listening and responding.


Motivate, positive culture, environment and tools, The Apex, business improvement stakeholder group, leadership team, Values and Guiding Principles, Champions and mentors, knowledge sharing and autonomy.


Fulfilling, challenging and rewarding career pathways, lifestyle and wellbeing, ‘Unsung heroes’ - recognising interests and community commitments, progressive performance related earnings, career step change and fast track opportunities.



Recognition of achievements, career step change pathways, Heroes and Halos awards, red carpet moments, examinations and accreditations, over and above then call of duty, community impact, positivity awards


Cycle to work scheme, wellbeing and health, life events (graduations, birthdays, work anniversaries, 1st days at school), cinema nights, wine tasting, cooking classes, community/charity events, Cubed Ambassadors, new non-vocational skills


Career progression and advancement, quality L&D, mentorship, The Group Academy, SLT, Future Leaders programme, qualifications, Subject Experts, champions and mentors