Introducing i-intro

Innovation in World Class testing and selection – skills, behavioural and aptitude based recruitment

Our approach to testing and selection is helping clients break new ground where things have remained largely unchanged for many businesses – whereas process, systems, technology and thinking are unrecognisable from what went before.

More of the same = more of the same.
i-intro is multi-user, real-time, any device, anywhere - recruitment platform designed to enabler quicker, more reliable, evidenced based recruitment decisions – critical to any business competing for the best available talent in an unforgiving and uncompromising market.
Taking selection decisions to another level.
Research confirms that over 88% of critical recruitment decisions are influenced by Level 1 and Level 2 considerations.
Analysis of failed hires and the causes behind the breakdown in employer/employee relationships – employers cite behaviour, conduct, attitude and misalignment on standards and values as being the main reasons for termination of contracts.
i-intro, combined with competency, situational and behavioural assessment optimises Right First Time recruitment – delivering a 96% retention score after two years of placement.

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