I had the pleasure of attending the In-House Recruitment Awards 2016 this week - an evening in celebration of the great steps being made by in-house teams throughout the country. There were big players, niche specialists and the little guys all there; JLR, Civil Service, Nando's, Lloyds Banking Group, Network Rail, Bupa UK. . . . . the list goes on. 


After an evening of discussing what many of the groups do (without generalising too much) and a train-ride back to the pastures green of Yorkshire, I came to the realisation that many were in-house purely in title rather than in design and method.

Think about what you want from an in-house model
  • Cash back into the business – Investing rather than spending, keep your money you've earned it.
  • Visibility and title over candidates - Compete on your own merits, not on fees.
  • Improved candidate experience -  coherent, streamlined, efficient. A no should be as good as a yes.
  • Overcoming Agency fatigue - Get your time back. No more phone calls, no more speculative approaches.
Many of the discussions focused on a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) approach. Arguably a PSL has a time and a place, and can be an effective way of controlling and delivering results. There is a risk you do not deliver cash back into the business, or improve the candidate experience as you still continue to "outsource" – in essence, you add an extra step into a process rather than redefine the process to your needs.

Our House - by us for us, not by them for them

In-house should deliver a step change. If the relationship is purely transactional by design (PSL Agency Relationship) it is no better than any other offering. The role of a true in-house partner should be to elevate the business at every step.
  • Evaluate every job as it becomes available
  • Work in partnership with the business to feed in market data
  • Drive effective candidate experiences
  • Improved branding
  • Reduction in waste processes
  • Commercially bring value back into the business
Medium to long term you de-risk the talent spikes and capacity issues, build a stronger brand recognition and standardize processes at a higher level than before.

Remember that in-house comes with a focus and perception that must elevate the transactional relationship of agencies, if it does not then we run the risk of normalising a game-changer.

2017 will see a number of events run by my team and I. We focus on evaluating in-house for your business by removing the myth and preconceptions of what it is, and equally by demonstrating what it should not be. I’d love to connect with anyone considering a game-changer and offer a free diagnostic from my team, feel free to email adam@hunterwolff.com

 Adam Phillips, Director, Innov8 Talent Management