The last couple of weeks has seen a prolific number of predictions on what 2017 will bring to UK industry, and for me, I am always keen to see how talent needs will change.
Without going over the more obvious and continued needs of flexible working arrangements and changing skill sets, it is important to focus on the new challenges that 2017 will bring to bear.

The Gig Economy

Most will know this as contracting, consulting or retained working. There has been significant growth in companies “renting” their talent to achieve their goals; in turn this addresses the need to remain competitive and flexible in an uncertain economy. The traditional hiring method of full-time-on-site-9-to-5 can cause businesses to lose out on the best talent.
Hunter Wolff’s Innov8 HR Partner and Innov8 Talent Management team specialise in providing flexible solutions with many clients citing full-time provision / overhead cost as a prohibiting factor to change in 2017.

Get started early

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Q1 in most businesses is where people strategies start to kick in and take shape from all the planning the year before – often requiring new additions to the team, it is best to act quickly and plan your year out. Proactively recruit over the full 12 months; if you don’t, others will.
Our Innov8 Talent Management team focus on a clear strategy with clients – “Always On”. The aim is to maximise time, resource, energy and effort to proactively build your people strategies. We work through your planning cycle to understand the rhythm of your business needs.

Candidate Experience

How good is your candidate experience? Often we focus on data that tells us how well our pipelines, sources or pools are running – it would not be uncommon to miss the candidate experience.
In all my roles, and any client developments the team implement (system, process, people etc.) there is a focus on raising the candidate experience to maximise brand and engagement. In a largely candidate market the “why” of your company is more influential than the “what”.

Agency Fatigue

Not just service levels, but cost and time as well. Industry should not settle for poor service with increased costs chucked in. Understanding the dynamics of talent acquisition and how candidate markets are reacting should be key to your partners in 2017.

Hunter Wolff’s Innov8 team work in partnership with clients to only deliver transparent working methods
  • Innov8 HR Partner – Tailored dynamic HR support to enable business evolution, not to put people roadblocks in your way with “The Book of No”
  • Innov8 RPO – helping businesses manage their agency / talent supply in complex, multi-discipline, multi-site arrangements. High quality frameworks and measured success a must.
  • Innov8 Talent Management – embedded in-house talent acquisition service. By You, for You.
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